Create gapped texts and cloze tests on the Mac

current version: 1.4 [release notes]

Release Notes

Gapped v1.4

released 2018-03-14

Fixed many bugs:

  • fixed exporting to .docx documents
  • fixed bug where contextual menu item would display multiple entries “Turn selection into gap”
  • fixed keyboard shortcuts for inspectors

Gapped v1.3

released 2017-10-22

Now you can create ctests by just pasting the text and pressing the ctest button. You can also automatically gap words by word type e.g. gap all adverbs.

  • Automatically add gaps for distinct word types
  • Convert your text automatically into a standardised CTest by clicking a button
  • Pressing Command + G now toggles between gap / no gap
  • Pressing Command + Alt + G now removes all gaps from the text
  • fixed many UI issues
  • fixed window title to correctly display edited status
  • fixed display issues for sidebar inspectors and improved overall user experience
  • fixed issues when editing Multiple Choice gaps
  • fixed bugs in syntax highlighting

Gapped v1.2

released 2017-03-12

  • added templates function to start off with template documents
  • added syntax highlighting for hints in gaps e.g. gap [hint text]
  • refined text style with increased line spacing
  • added multiple choice selection fields for alternatives when hints are displayed behind the gaps e.g. gap [hint1/hint2/hint3]
  • added feature to automatically number paragraphs
  • added fields for writing down the paragraph number when scrambling paragraphs
  • preview is now updated while entering distractors
  • fixed unexpected behaviour when trying to add a gap in an existing gap

Gapped v1.1

released 2017-01-07

  • added help functionality linking to the support site
  • created a TRIAL VERSION which can be downloaded from the website
  • accept custom credits with spaces e.g. (2 cr)
  • remove some useless menu items
  • add contextual menu item to add a gap by right-clicking
  • restyled the Gapped icon
  • fixed some language issues in the German user interface
  • fixed a bug when typing in gaps to correctly colour the text

Gapped v1.0

released 2016-12-22

  • Initial Release on the Mac App Store