Create gapped texts and cloze tests on the Mac

current version: 1.4 [release notes]


Gapped texts, CTests or cloze tests are one of the most often used classroom exercises. Especially when teaching foreign languages gapped texts can be used in many ways. But creating gapped texts can be rather tedious.

Gapped is an application for macOS which lets you create gapped texts in a second. Read on to find out how.

1 Paste your source text

Start up the Gapped application and paste in the text you would like to use as a source for your exercise.

2 Mark the gaps

Mark the gaps by marking the section and pressing Command + G or simply enclosing the word in underscores like: _gapped word_.

Alternatively mark every nth word as a gap by using the slider in the source pane on the left.

3 Preview and fine tune

Jump to the preview by pressing Command + R or clicking the button in the sidebar and fine tune using the inspector on the left.

For example obfuscate the hints by turning them into anagrams or removing vowels or consonants. Number the gaps or add credits (which are counted automatically, of course). By changing these parameters you can easily differentiate the text for use in diverse classroom groups.

Last, export your finished text. Copy and paste into your word processor, print to PDF or export to .docx or .rtf format.